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Defitions of Polish projections for manifold

by BlogAdmin 27. August 2010 15:12
With version 8.0.19 manifold team added some of the Polish projections to manifold projection presets. Basically they added five zones of the National Coordinate System 1965 (PUWG 1965, zones I, II, III, IV and V). There seems to be a mistake though with the way they named the projections: National ... [More]


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Styling Navteq data using Manifold

by mika 27. August 2010 01:19
Recently we were asked to prepare some map layers for a web application. The exercise was about styling Navteq 2010 data in manifold so created maps can be then used for rendering a tiled base map but also used by a map server. Although manifold lacks some of the carto tools available in other GIS ... [More]

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