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Raster georegistration in Manifold

by andre 15. July 2011 14:35
These steps show how to calibrate scanned maps. In this example we work with Polish projection - Borowa Gora Steps: 1. Import raster (format *.jpeg, *.jpg) 2. Create control points on raster. Add them clock wise. 3. Create empty drawingand assign projection (Polish - Borowa Gora). ... [More]


cartography | GIS | manifold | projections

Export all components of given type from manifold map file

by mika 14. July 2011 08:28
You may sometime need to export all the components of given type so they can be used in another GIS environment. Here goes a script that does exactly this. The example exports all the drawings and tables to either shp or xls: using Manifold.Interop.Scripts; using M = Manifold.Interop; class Scr... [More]

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c# | GIS | manifold | scripting manifold

Upload and save image in a database - ExtJs and ASP.NET

by mika 11. July 2011 10:47
It's been a while since the last post appeared here so this one will be rather longish ;-) Recently in one of our projects we had a requirement to allow users to upload their images to the database so they can later be viewed by other users of the application. For the clientside we used the ExtJs ... [More]

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ASP.NET | c# | ExtJs

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