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NatuurNetwerk GeoReg2

by mika 26. June 2012 08:07
Just a couple clips from our Dutch partners - NatuurNetwerk. This is an example of an app written by cartomatic  and used for the wildlife resource managment i Holland by rangers, police forces, etc.   Navigation, search, measure tools; hystorical ortho imagery
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by mika 16. May 2012 09:30
Just a couple of videos featuring our new geoCMS platform released a couple of months ago. This is a web GIS based application designed to easily create, manage and publish spatial data. Currently there are three modules available: geooportal, geoCMS and a mobile application. The first tw... [More]

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Upload and save image in a database - ExtJs and ASP.NET

by mika 11. July 2011 10:47
It's been a while since the last post appeared here so this one will be rather longish ;-) Recently in one of our projects we had a requirement to allow users to upload their images to the database so they can later be viewed by other users of the application. For the clientside we used the ExtJs ... [More]

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ASP.NET | c# | ExtJs

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