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Why Manifold?

by mika 4. March 2011 07:49
We have recently been asked to write an article about what we do for a new CAD & GIS magazine that is to be introduced to the Polish professional market soon. We have decided to introduce Manifold to the readers as it is still rather not present in the Polish market. Below is a translation of t... [More]



GeoServer production environment on Windows Server with IIS and Apache

by mika 1. February 2011 23:06
In this post Andre explained how to set up a dev environment on win7 so Geoserver can coexist with IIS 7.5. When it comes to deploying Geoserver to a machine that is exposed to the Internet things may go a bit more difficult. It actually took me a while to figure out how to make all the pieces work... [More]

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Printing a OpenLayers map in ASP.NET

by mika 22. December 2010 13:16
Printing a map created in OpenLayers or other commercial APIs is still not that easy. There are some problems with transparency of the gif and png images but also with the transparency of the vector canvas used to display vectors. It is possible though to print a road map or layers that do not use t... [More]

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ASP.NET xDomainProxy for OpenLayers getInfo requests

by mika 24. November 2010 10:46
After a long time of just talking about using geoserver we have eventually installed it on our server. Making it work behind IIS is a subject for another article and I am hoping to post it soon. Anyway, we decided to make our geoserver available at geoserver.cartoninjas.net, while the applications ... [More]

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Running GeoServer on Windows 7 (x32 or x64) and IIS 7.5

by andre 12. October 2010 12:15
  GeoServer is one of the most powerful and rapidly evolving geo-server, capable of serving geographical data in-line with standards developed by Open Geospatial Consortium (OCG).More information about GeoServer can be found on www.geoserver.org.What is so attractive in GeoServer? it is Ope... [More]

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Around the world on a motorbike

by greg 15. September 2010 22:51
For the last 3 years I have been almost exclusively providing cartographic services for Bezdroza, one of the largest tourist guide publishers in Poland. Bezdroza has a distinguished protfolio of books and therefore the maps they publish may vary a lot, although they are usually rather guide-like map... [More]

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A generic error occurred in GDI+

by mika 14. September 2010 11:20
Recently I have been working on a tile serving utility that would generate tiles on the fly but also cache them at the same time for future usage. After releasing our map tiling tool for manifold this was the next step. The tile rendering functions were working nicely and the process was fairly qui... [More]

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Defitions of Polish projections for manifold

by BlogAdmin 27. August 2010 15:12
With version 8.0.19 manifold team added some of the Polish projections to manifold projection presets. Basically they added five zones of the National Coordinate System 1965 (PUWG 1965, zones I, II, III, IV and V). There seems to be a mistake though with the way they named the projections: National ... [More]


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