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Styling Navteq data using Manifold

by mika 27. August 2010 01:19
Recently we were asked to prepare some map layers for a web application. The exercise was about styling Navteq 2010 data in manifold so created maps can be then used for rendering a tiled base map but also used by a map server. Although manifold lacks some of the carto tools available in other GIS ... [More]

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manifold add-ins | cartography

Cutting image from a bigger raster source

by mika 24. June 2010 21:24
This script has already been posted on the georeference.org (http://forum.manifold.net/forum/t99935.7) so nothing new will be presented... There was one interesting thing though - how to get from a bbox of a geom used by the input drawing to the actual size of the output image in pixels. The script... [More]

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manifold | scripting manifold

Preparing the data description for the metadata docu

by mika 22. June 2010 23:41
Today I had to prepare a description of all the vector drawings I had in a project in a semi tabular form listing a folder, contained drawings and their column, column types and the length of the data in each column. In other words I needed to create a dataset description for the metadata document n... [More]

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manifold | scripting manifold

Decimal degrees do dd°mm'ss"

by mika 22. June 2010 12:55
A quick task - convert decimal degrees back to dd°mm'ss''. Not sure if there are other ways of doing this in manifold at this stage so an active column did the trick. A script is in c#, so just copy and paste it to the script attached to a table when creating an active column. Then simply put t... [More]

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GIS | manifold | scripting manifold

A first post or a post without an interesting title...

by mika 18. June 2010 12:14
It's been already quite a while since we decided to launch a blog so it's the high time to publish a first post ;-) A 'knowledge base' in a form of a web blog appeared to us as a good idea and it was the main reason behind creating yet another blog. This site will be a common place where we describ... [More]



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