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Welcome to cartoninjas.net!

We are GIS and cartography specialists believing that a good map is worth a thousand words. We focus on providing mapping solutions of excellent quality and therefore making GIS and maps easy to understand and use in a daily practice.

We take off the customers' shoulders all the tasks that are needed to create a mapping project, including data capture, processing, analysis and further cartographic visualisation.

Cartoninjas.net are driven by GIS/database designers/programmers/developers and cartographic professionals whose background includes cartographic design and production, GIS analysis, utility solutions, web mapping, databases design, development and much more.

Please feel invited to browse through our portfolio section encompassing many examples of the projects we worked on. We tried to show a diverse snapshot of our activities although it is only a small part of the projects we were involved in.

Our maps are appreciated by customers worldwide and recently we were invited to share our work in the volume 1 & 2 of the cartotalk.com's Cartography Design Annual.

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